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How to use ?
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How do i make a GIF with images ?

To start making a gif and Download result you need to :
  1. Drag and drop images OR upload images with the Upload images(s) button Image Uploader from your computer.
  2. Decorate your Image : you can draw, you can add text to your gif , you can add icons...
  3. Specify delay value for each frame (from 0.05s to 10s) and your GIF SIZE in pixels if necessary.gif options
  4. Wait the generating process of your gif (it will be made automatically) or press Refresh to force refresh
  5. Download GIF result or change settings..

What are the others GIF options of this generator ?

To get much more details, cool features , here is the list :
  • You can upload a maximum of images.
    Supported file types are : (jpeg,jpg,gif,png)
  • By default, Gif result are resized (to get a good result).
    You can change this option to a maximum of 1000px.
    Go to gif options Gif options then enter new values (Custom size) and Generate again with OK button.
  • To insert a new frame (picture) to your GIF use the button called
    Create Image (by specifying width & height in pixels) or use this icon to duplicate a picture that have already been uploaded.
  • Animated Gif are automatically split into frames.
    You can also use only the tool : SPLIT A GIF it depends on your need.
  • You can clone a text, icon on all the frames with ALL Gif title
  • Generate a Gif with a transparent background or add a specific background color : HOW ?
  • Tips : If you delete a picture, or change the order of frame, don't forget to refresh to update GIF Refresh

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Mobile version details

Gifmake works with Iphone And Ipad Iphone version

Send Gif image to your friend with iMessage for example.

A question ? you get errors ? idea to improve this gif generator ?