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More information about this Gif Generator :

To start making a gif you need to drag and drop images OR upload images with the Upload button.

You can upload a maximum of
To make a gif just go to button : Generate Gif.

By default, Gif result are resized (to get a good result). You can change this option to a maximum of 1000px.

You can create image (specify width and height in pixels) to add to your GIF easily...

You can add text , add icons or draw on the image.
Image can be copied with this icon

Animated Gif are automatically split into frames or you can use SPLIT A GIF tool.

If you resize image to Custom size , by default it's the Landscape mode selected. Change to Portrait ? or enter your values directly. read more...
All uploaded pictures (up to 1000 pixels) are automatically resized to 1000 px.
Max generating GIF width or height = 1000 pixels

If you need to draw or add text or icon on a picture, your picture will be resized to 500 pixels if picture size > 500 pixels.
Uploaded pictures will be resized to 500 pixels max if size > 500 pixels only if you draw on the picture. (Only if Custom Gif size is not checked)

Generating too many images with large resize choice (example : 30 images at 600 pixels) will slow down browser (use cancel to stop generating). With many images, we recommend to resize to a small size like 300x300 pixels for examples to get a great result.

Add text or icon to all frames at one time. See how ?

If you've got feedback, send a message

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Generate a Gif with a transparent background or add a specific background color : see the demo

Send Gif image to your friend with iMessage for example.

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