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Drawing options

(You can draw over pictures using the pencil just before generating a GIF)
Line Thickness :  and Color

Resize options

To smallest(width)     To largest(width)     Custom Gif size x pixels
More information about Gif generating and uploaded picture :
You can create a picture . Just specify width and height in pixels, then you'll be able to draw .
This picture will be added to generated gif. You can also duplicate (X2) an image, a drawing.

You can upload a maximum of
images. To make a gif just go to button : Generate Gif.
Animated Gif are automatically split into frames or you can use SPLIT A GIF tool.

Last update : you can specify Gif animation delay for each frame (from 0.1s to 10s max)
If number of images to generate is < 10 images , max generating width or height = 1000 pixels if you need to get images size important. After 10 images it will resized to 800 pixels (in order to get output gif file not too important in Mb.)

If you need to draw on a picture, your picture will be resized to 500 pixels if picture size > 500 pixels.
Uploaded pictures will be resized to 500 pixels max if size > 500 pixels only if you draw on the picture. Generating too many images with large resize choice (example : 30 images at 600 pixels) will slow down browser (use cancel to stop generating). With many images, we recommend to resize to a small size like 300x300 pixels for examples to get a great result.

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UPDATE v4.4: December 4th 2015 : Gif animation delay can be edited for each frame
UPDATE v4.3: April 17th 2015 : Increase generating width to 1000px
UPDATE v4: April 14th 2015 : Split animated Gif when uploaded.