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GIFMAKE (new version) composes with (gif,jpeg,png) images an animated GIF.
Upload image from your computer to start making gif. You can upload up to 1.5 Mb. Max uploads : 10
Resize image : To smallest(width) To largest(width) Custom x
Delay ms
September 2013 - This is a new version of Gifmake, there will be some updates soon, to improve website.
This version will not work with all browsers. That's why we recommend to use latest version
of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera.. or you can use old version of Gifmake if you get errors.   You can send us feedback.
- Max generating Gif size = 1000 pixels
- If you generate large Gif image > 700 pixels with more than 5 images, process can take time. (You can use : Reset to cancel)
May 2014 - If you need to generate more than 10 images here is an update : 15 images (requires computer with large memory)

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